Enterprise Software Development

If you spend any amount of time working with development teams, you may notice that there is not always a formalized process. These teams can be prone to late delivery, exceeding budgets, or delivering products that are on time but lacking in quality. These challenges often arise because of problems with communication, requirements definition, and many other issues.

The most typical problems that new product development projects encounter include:

  • Requirements are captures in non-standard formats
  • Insufficient communications
  • Risks are addressed and resolved too late
  • Documentation fails to capture design decisions
  • Integration and testing are done too late
  • User involvement in development is limited

Over the course of 18 years, we have developed a comprehensive process that addresses all these challenges and also allows for adaptation to changing market conditions, content prioritization, or deployment contingencies should they be required. It covers all phases of a project and includes all of the development disciplines and project stakeholders, rather than a single team or deliverable.

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