Enterprise Software Development
brainCloud is a ready-made backend for the development of connected apps, games and things.

Using brainCloud, developers can leverage pre-built features to jumpstart the building of great new products…
…without having to re-invent the wheel.

bitHeads built brainCloud because we were constantly re-building the same backend solutions for our customers – which they then had to host and maintain.

The brainCloud Backend-as-a-Service is available for usage in bitHeads’ projects, and third party projects as well.

The brainCloud BaaS includes:

  • Feature-rich mobile back-end – including cloud data, identity + device management, data collection, push notifications, analytics, etc.
  • Native libraries for iOS, Android, Windows and more
  • Easy-to-use development portal
  • Extensable via cloud code
  • Advanced promotional tools to maximize your monetization
  • Affordable usage-based pricing

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